Amnesty International

Amnesty policeman's ball identity

The Secret Policeman’s Ball is a part of British, comedic heritage started by the Monty Python team in the ‘70’s who wanted to help raise awareness for Amnesty International – the organization that stands for human rights. After a long break, the ‘Ball’ came back in 2008 and Amnesty asked Thinkfarm to create a new brand identity and core messaging copy for its promotion. As well as the live event at London’s Albert Hall, the ball was broadcast on Channel 4 and to a number of cinemas throughout the UK and the US.

Amnesty is increasingly involved in music; staging shows and working with musicians who ‘donate’ the publishing and distribution rights in a track to Amnesty so it can benefit directly from download and other sales revenues. We developed a name and an identity under which Amnesty could run its music activities. The combination of Amnesty’s objectives as an organisation and the fact that musicians were allowed to step outside of their normal contractual obligations in order to donate their music, led us to the name ‘Released’ and an optimistic visual identity that plays on the idea of ‘breaking free’ from ownership and control.

Amnesty international released brand name logo design
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