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When the Antidote team first approached us regarding their branding, the business was named FunFed. They were running a schedule of events – games and activities aimed at adults up for trying something new and letting go of stress in return for laughter and joy. However, there was a concern within the company and among prospective audience that it was all a bit ‘hippy’ and that people were not taking the first step to try it out – knowing that most who do, return.

We recommended a name change and a new ‘tone of voice’ for the brand which would appeal to a wider audience. The brand was positioned as something that is relevant today and an offer that would suit many people for many reasons but whatever the motivation, it offered a way to ‘shake off the day’ and ease the tension of living a hectic urban life. The name now starts that story succinctly and points to the benefit in very direct way – especially when accompanied by the next layers of messaging that unpack the idea further.

antidote brand positioning

Having changed the name, created the messaging hierarchy, we developed an identity system comprising logo, graphic layouts, colour palette and directed a photo session. We captured a wide range of images to help illustrate the up-lifting feeling that people have when they are in and have finished a session with Antidote.

antidote brand messaging

Our design and production work delivered a content managed website, email newsletter, flyers, loyalty cards and other components. We also provided a brand guide so the branding could be implemented consistently in the future.

antidote photography imagery
antidote brand positioning messaging copywriting
antidote brand naming logo design
antidote brand imagery photography
antidote brand positioning messaging
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