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Executives Online brand positioning

Executives Online is a full service provider of interim and permanent, senior executive talent. It operates a strong business model that gives them international reach and the ability to grow and maintain a large talent pool which can be accessed by any of its consultants. It operates through wholly owned subsidiaries and franchisees. Strong, consistent branding is crucial and especially valuable in promoting available franchises.

The brand was not doing enough to convey the consultative approach available to candidates and clients, the progressive business model and the international coverage on offer. Thinkfarm was asked to revisit the positioning of the brand, develop strategic messaging and create a new identity, website and collateral design system, detailed in a guide to drive consistency across the business.

Executives Online rebrand
Executives Online brand strategy

We were keen to emphasise the expert service provided by the team, not the ‘On Line’ aspect and especially avoid the abbreviation to EOL which was very close to a well-known internet service provider. We developed a strong storyline based on the experience of the EO people and their ability to meet requirements quickly through experienced consultation and rapid, candidate listing possible through access to the extensive, proprietary talent pool.

We developed key messages and brand positioning centred on Executive Online’s ability to put the right executives into place quickly when required. The capability is delivered through an extensive international network of executives, local business knowledge and experienced consultants who can expertly interrogate a brief to ensure the best shortlist of candidates. A new tagline communicates the benefit of working with EO – Senior talent. In place, on time.

Executives Online logo design

The identity system was designed to modernize the entire look of Executives Online and reflect the ‘executive’ nature of the business. The colour palette was chosen to be clean, sharp and to stand out well from the competition which favours blues and greens. It also provided a perfect backdrop for the photography which was taken in a studio, in a reportage style of actual meetings and debates between members of the EO team. The photography is stronger than previously used stock library shots and successfully conveys the personality of the consultants and their intelligent approach.

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