After 20 years of worldwide expansion through organic growth and a series of strategic acquisitions, ICAP had become the world’s premier broker and the source of global market information and commentary for professionals in the international financial markets. As a result, the business had become a collection of brands, identities and people trying to present a cohesive proposition to its markets. ICAP’s board decided that the time was right to bring all of the group’s companies and trading platforms together, under one identity.

The identity has to work across the business taking into consideration the territories in which they operate, the brand hierarchy, product and market area focus. The key deliverable following acceptance of the new identity design was a brand book that comprised guidelines for use of the brand identity so that every implementation would be consistently executed.

icap corporate identity

Having looked at potential routes, it was agreed sensible to develop a new identity that had a clear link to the past given the familiarity of the name and logo in the marketplace. The design was based on ICAP’s strength in bringing together parties to execute deals that work for everyone.

ICAP signage

We designed signage, stationery and other implementations and managed the production and distribution with a variety of offices and suppliers around the world to ensure that implementation was consistent. We also produced a short movie to introduce the new brand identity to staff and customers, giving the rationale for the change and revealing the new look.

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