We talked with CEOs and leaders across the business to understand Kantar’s propositions and strategy for growth. We also engaged with the marketing team and worked closely with the CMO to develop clear positioning and an internal launch campaign to inform and excite people about their new positioning statement.

Understand People. Inspire Growth. It resonated well and succinctly articulated what everybody does, across the business – using a variety of ways to understand people and their behaviours, as well as inspire growth in everything, from clients’ sales to society’s trust in government. It also worked well to underline Kantar’s commitment to developing its own people – helping them achieve their career and personal goals.

Kantar’s business strategy focuses on major propositions that combine expertise and technologies, to focus on client needs and deliver growth. We created video pieces to launch those ‘growth platforms’ and showcase the expertise that gives them strength. The videos were written, designed and produced to reflect the importance that Kantar places on diversity in its work and workplace. The pieces show how patterns of behaviour emerge from their work to understand people and how they give answers to clients’ questions to inform and inspire growth.

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