roundhouse logo design

Thinkfarm started work with the Roundhouse team when they needed a visual identity for its campaign to raise funds for the rebuilding of a landmark building that was once a Victorian railway shed but went on to host some of the UK’s most memorable music and arts performances of the last 30 years. We also led a strategic brand positioning project to create a new identity system for The Roundhouse when it opened to the public, with a full program of performances as well as provide young people with a space to create.

The core visual component of the identity was playful by nature and reflected the non-linear thinking that the creative process often takes. The strap line delivered the core offers of both the performance space and the facilities available to young people who come to explore their creative potential.

roundhouse signage design space branding
roundhouse merchandise range design
roundhouse merchandise design
roundhouse brand implementation
roundhouse interiors

We delivered a style guide and templates to ensure that everybody on the team as well as promoters and partners understand the Roundhouse brand position and identity system. It ensured that their story would be delivered consistently regardless of who designed their communications tools.

roundhouse main space signage
roundhouse brand strategy
roundhouse bar branding
roundhouse wayfinding signage design and production
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