the brand development

A team of highly successful media, entertainment and eCommerce entrepreneurs created a new venture to fill the gap in this ever burgeoning sector. organises, connects and entertains the world of food and food people online. Launched as a dynamic, high energy magazine format wrapped around the worlds biggest database of restaurants, recipes, news and food information presented with a unique brand of “attitude, humour and bite”, it aimed to be “the IMDB of food, Google of food and the Daily Mail online of food in one package”.

We were asked to create an identity for the brand, a core, iconic idea that encapsulated the idea in its form and conveyed the messaging with personality. We identified the need for an identity that could ‘contain’ the diversity of food, drink, and other content that the venture will channel to its audiences also meeting the need for the identity to be intriguing, dynamic and versatile enough to work well in static and moving media.

the brand identity

We built a detailed, high definition, three dimensional model of the letter ‘F’ and used it as the basis for multiple editions which in each case contained food, drink, kitchen utensils and more. The resulting identity is used on the website, is video ready and provides an instantly recognisable icon for across its multiple media channels. We also extensions to the core identity and proposed a design system that supported the creation of the website and other collateral required by the business as it develops.

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