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We’re 40 years young!

Growing brands through creative excellence

We are Thinkfarm, an award-winning brand consultancy, thrilled to mark a significant milestone as we celebrate our 40th anniversary. Over the course of four decades, we have had the privilege of helping numerous brands grow and succeed through our strategic guidance and applied creativity. Initially launched as 4i before rebranding as Thinkfarm, we have played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of businesses, entertainment, causes, and places. We are a team dedicated to challenging the market with bold, new ideas.

One noteworthy example of our work was our collaboration with Yo!, a groundbreaking start-up that revolutionised fast-food dining. Our strategic guidance and powerful creative work enabled Yo! to position itself as a trendsetter, capturing the attention of markets worldwide. Drawing from our extensive experience in the business of entertainment, we brought a rock’n’roll attitude to deliver an immersive, entertaining dining experience.

We are proud to have transformed the institutional Millennium Dome into The O2, a cultural and entertainment destination, attracting sponsors, tours and visitors from around the globe. The success and rapid change in perception of The O2 among its audiences can be attributed to our efforts. We created compelling positioning, branding and effective marketing campaigns that reshaped its image into an iconic entertainment venue in London.

The O2 quickly became, and still is, the biggest entertainment venue in the world, and there’s no doubt in my mind that a large part of its success comes down to Thinkfarm’s input. They understand entertainment, but also the business of entertainment.

David Campbell, then CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Europe

When it comes to entirely new propositions, we have proven our ability to interrogate them, understand their benefits and create communications that resonate and engage people. For instance, we played a vital role in launching the groundbreaking consumer app Shazam, introducing a new era of music discovery. Shazam became one of the first must-have mobile applications, paving the way for many that followed. Our expertise in communicating Shazam’s unique features and benefits contributed to its widespread adoption and massive success worldwide, both among consumers and royalty monitoring for rights owners.

More recently, we have helped develop an idea from a verbalised concept to market readiness with Yoodee, an app for today. Collaborating effectively with Yoodee, we aim to challenge the status quo of ratings and review apps by creating a platform that shares only the best, as recommended by people you know and trust. Consumers can find the best places and services with confidence, knowing that there are no fake or paid reviews. Through the same app, businesses receive direct, private feedback to help them improve without the risk of public complaints that could harm their reputation. With Yoodee, everyone benefits.

The team at Thinkfarm really partner up. The people who pitch are the same guys who do the work, so you know who you’re dealing with from the outset. And there’s always a wow factor to their work.

Nathalie Burdett, then Head of Brand, NEX Group

We have also played a significant role in enabling big new ideas through technology. One such example is NEX, a global financial technology company that brought speed and automation to the brokerage and post-trade sectors. They sought our expertise to establish bold positioning, a brand identity and effective internal and external communications to capture attention across the markets. Despite an incredibly challenging timescale, we successfully launched the brand at high-visibility sites from Canary Wharf to Times Square, gaining massive media coverage. Within a couple of years, the business was reorganised to reflect the brand architecture and eventually sold for nearly $4 billion.

In our early days, our creativity and campaign credentials were honed through our involvement in global events. One notable campaign was the Free Nelson Mandela campaign, which stands as a testament to our ability to deliver impactful messages that resonate with millions. By crafting memorable branding and communications, we helped raise awareness about Nelson Mandela’s plight and South Africa’s struggle for freedom, capturing the attention of TV audiences worldwide.

Our journey with The Rolling Stones exemplifies the fusion of rock and roll attitude with brand promotion. We have been assisting them with their promotional campaigns, tour branding, stage graphics and record-breaking merchandise for half the time they have been around. Our most recent project involved designing the look for their own anniversary, Sixty.

Working with Thinkfarm can be challenging and they push us hard. The team are there throughout the whole process – from initial strategising and market positioning, to the comprehensive creative response and national launch campaigns. And they nail it every time!

Anne Marie Lavan, Group Marketing Director, Bauer Media

The radio industry has also experienced our transformative touch. From the original launch of Virgin Radio to the branding and national campaigns for stations like Scala, Absolute and Greatest Hits Radio, our strategies and powerful creative work have played a pivotal role in shaping the commercial radio industry.

Throughout our forty years, we have been honoured with numerous awards, reflecting our commitment to excellence and pushing creative boundaries across many sectors. These accolades stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering tangible results for our clients. Our process involves interrogating the ideas, ambitions and audiences of the organisations we work for, ensuring a strategy-led approach and fruitful collaborations.

Thinkfarm helped us create the right foundations for the business. As well as coming up with the brand strategy, the team were tasked with helping me present the approach internally to take everyone on the journey.

Miranda McLean, Banking Circle, Senior Director

As we enter our fifth decade, we are excited about the future. Armed with a wealth of experience, an impressive track record and a determination to deliver creative excellence, we are poised to continue our legacy of growing brands and shaping perceptions. Our ability to adapt, invent and cut through the noise sets us apart in the brand consultancy space. With a rich history and an exciting future ahead, we remain committed to creating impactful and enduring brands, experiences and campaigns that engage audiences worldwide.


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Like what you see?

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Like what you see?