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Grow the value of your brand portfolio

If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be leading your business from the front. You may be pioneering a vibrant new start-up, or you could be running an established player in a combative market. Whichever it is, you’re looking to grow value – and know that you’ll need to be bold with your brand.

You might be planning to build a brand house from scratch, or integrate an existing portfolio, or package the brands that you create or acquire. Or perhaps the value lies in one powerful source, driving multiple propositions.

We’ve been there, with our front-line experience, helping strategies emerge, making them work in reality, winning over the audiences our clients need, to support their ambitions.

Bauer Media

Seeing radio, making noise, breaking records

Bauer briefed us to create positioning and cut-through ad campaigns for their radio brands, attract more listeners, advertisers and top-name presenters – and drive understanding of the brand inside Bauer.

Differentiated brand identities, messaging and campaigns for Bauer’s portfolio of national radio brands.

We’ve worked with Bauer across a range of radio brand assets, including the launch of a new classical music station that outperformed forecasts, immediately. On another occasion we achieved the consolidation of scattered local radio brands into two, national brand networks. New powerful brand messaging helped attract high-profile presenters who’ve quickly felt at home, along with their listeners. Bauer has achieved record figures, including 1M new listeners to Greatest Hits Radio in just one quarter, alongside our campaign.

Working with Thinkfarm can be challenging. They push us hard. The team are there throughout the whole process, from initial strategising and market positioning, to the comprehensive creative response that drives national launch campaigns. And they nail it every time.

Anne Marie Lavan, Group Marketing Director, Bauer Media

We’ve also helped MTV Europe, Channel 4 Television, Celador, Turner Television, Universal and Virgin Group by differentiating brands within their groups.


Changing negative perceptions of a venue with positive rebranding.

The O2 needed a big bold new brand to house a diverse range offers in a single building with a footprint the size of Soho. Help the owner, Anschutz Entertainment Group, lobby local and central government, attract promoters, supporters and a name sponsor. Then go on to promote the place itself and the entertainment, sports, exhibition and hospitality brands within it.

The world’s biggest umbrella brand and all-in-one destination

The new brand marque for The O2 focused on the scale of the venue – and put the sponsor right up front. Positioning the destination as ‘A world of entertainment under one roof’ clarified the purpose of redevelopment. The media dropped “previously known as The Millenium Dome” in coverage, almost immediately. Sponsors, hospitality buyers, retailers and promoters came on board ahead of expectations and The O2 was voted the world’s best entertainment venue a year after opening.

The O2 quickly became, and still is, the biggest entertainment venue in the world – and there’s no doubt in my mind that a large part of its success comes down to Thinkfarm’s input. They understand entertainment, but also the business of entertainment.

David Campbell, then CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Europe

We’ve also helped people engage with brand houses like Mahindra Group, Hard Rock International, Multiplex Global, Renewal / New Bermondsey, the Roundhouse and even the Rolling Stones.

NEX Group

Consolidating a house of varied assets and brands, acquired over years of investment

We created a single, coherent brand offer to the financial markets that maximised the value of multiple financial brokerage entities and launched it as a global, digital powerhouse.


A scalable brand structure and messaging, inside one brand identity, for a market-leading money broker

We delivered brand strategy, positioning, naming, visual identity and a high visibility launch – in just one year. NEX was able to unify its teams, excite markets and fuel incredible, rapid growth. The brand architecture became the model for reorganising the business. Within two years the company sold for £3.9M.

Thinkfarm helped us simplify and consolidate our products and services under one brand, in one year, to fuel one share price. We built something phenomenal. The branding made it easier for clients to understand what we offered – it excited the markets and excited us.

Michael Spencer, then CEO, NEX Group

We’ve also helped Banking Circle Group, Simplify Group, Yo!, Pepper and Squircle Capital consolidate their brands into a singular offer.


A name change for a portfolio of companies had failed to articulate meaningful difference to Kantar’s overall proposition, their own colleagues’ lives or their clients’ businesses.

Kantar needed to bring together teams of people under one big, unifying brand promise and then articulate, coordinate and implement messaging for individual business lines.

Uniting a diverse Market Research firm by giving it purpose.

Our discovery phase identified a common high-level purpose across the organisation. This informed a new brand essence which inspired people internally and engaged audiences externally. The positioning now speaks a brand truth for the entire firm, however a clients’ needs are tackled. Kantar’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity showed strongly in the launch campaign, while business areas were given specific messaging to contextualise and extend the central idea.

After working internally and with another agency for over a year, we had failed to pin down the ‘big idea’. Thinkfarm’s process went deep to get us, and they successfully identified the elusive it.

Nathalie Burdett, then CMO, Kantar

We’ve also given voice and purpose to group brands like ACI Worldwide, Practical Law, Lexis Nexis, Times Newspapers, and McLean Advisory.



If you want to discuss the best way to take your brand portfolio to market, drop us a note.

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