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Plenty of commercial radio channels play plastic pop but only one is dedicated to real music – because it matters. We help Absolute tell it straight.

Absolute Radio is one of the UKs leading national commercial stations. Their owner, Bauer Media, came to Thinkfarm because of our long history in visual branding for radio and our deep experience working for some of the biggest names in British rock and pop. Most importantly, the Absolute team felt the time was right to start telling a punchy brand story that worked to reinforce the forthright attitude that their name represents.

Absolute radio live event design

Following an extensive brand research and insight project – with respondents across trade, current listeners, core potential audience, market survey and national focus groups – Absolute decided on a two-pronged marketing strategy. Firstly they needed to affirm what they play to their existing audience and, secondly, they needed a brand marketing campaign to get new listeners to try the station.

Our creative response was to be direct. Real Music Matters is a ruthlessly simple brand messaging idea. It confirms that Absolute shares the same belief as its audience. They’re a generation for whom music preference is an attitude – a defining part of their personality – whatever their current age.

Absolute radio magazine advertising campaign
Absolute radio brand identity web site design home page

We created a super-simple, direct visual language, based on the immediacy of a graffiti-style, politicised campaign slogan – and turned this into a custom-owned typeface. Combined with a colour palette that evoked an ‘indie-punk’ ethic, we used the look to design a set of posters, animations, full-page national magazine and digital media ads with a strong, direct ‘cut-though’ style. 

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Like what you see?

T: +44 (0)20 7383 8838

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Like what you see?