The name change we proposed for this ex-Lehman business marked a new strategic direction, focused on future growth.

Originally part of the now-demised Lehman Brothers, this subsidiary specialised in the administration of mortgages, with a book of business large enough to represent future opportunity. Effectively a captive supplier with its business channeled to it through Lehman, it never had to enter the open market to compete with other providers. Now on it’s own for the first time, it’s new Commercial Director identified the need for sales tools as quickly as possible, in particular a ‘revamped website’ that he felt would support his sales effort.

We suggested addressing the brand positioning and communications strategy first. This would enable us to inform key messaging and drive the content of collateral. The timescales for the project were aggressive but senior management were engaged in the issue and agreed to a schedule which, from customer interviews and research to launch of a completely rebranded business, was completed in 10 weeks.

We proposed a name change in order to distance the company from the Lehman story; marking a significant change to the business and the launch of a strategy focused on future growth. We then articulated a brand position and key messages emphasising the benefits delivered to clients and their customers through its specialist service. The core benefit that applied to everybody in the chain is ‘positive resolution’ – the most desirable outcome for customer service teams, negotiators, clients and customers alike.

The new name, Acenden, was chosen to reflect the new firm’s optimism and growth objectives – as well as those of it’s customers. We also developed a tag line which clearly stated the business of the firm: Mortgage Servicing Specialists. The visual identity further developed the idea of growth and freedom from the constraints a ‘captive’ business history.


We delivered a set of components to launch what is effectively a new business. It included a website design, stationery, signage, and a brand book describing positioning, messages and guidelines on how to apply the identity system to ensure understanding and consistency.

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