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British music reverberates around the world but, unlike the USA with its Music Hall of Fame, we’d never had a place where it can be celebrated and explored.

British music is known and respected around the world but unlike the USA, which has its Music Hall of Fame, we have never had a place where it can be celebrated and explored. Harvey Goldsmith, promoter of the biggest and best for years and AEG, owners of The O2, established an immersive and interactive British Music Experience. They asked Thinkfarm to develop the brand identity and an advertising campaign to launch a new and exciting trip through British music history

The Experience had to appeal to the broadest imaginable church of music fans – from Punk to Disco, Mod to Heavy Metal, R’n’B to R’n’B… and be as attractive to a teenage girl as her granddad – so when we hit on Slade’s fantastic 70’s song and lyrics, we stopped searching for better ways of describing the exhibition’s unique offer. Here was a song at the epicentre of British pop and rock with connections to Glam Rock and Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Heavy Metal, Ska and 60’s R’n’B, Oasis, BritPop and beyond. Luckily the BME were able to get direct clearance for us to use it from Mr. Holder himself!

BME merchandising badges
British music experience merchandise design

To launch the campaign we created visuals built on the idea of music ‘crossover’ by juxtaposing images of artists from different genres and different eras to give an idea of the breadth of the exhibition experience. Campaign activity included national press and online activity as well as on-site window displays in the Peninsular Square outside The O2 and an escalator poster campaign at North Greenwich tube station.

BME brochure design
British music experience poster campaign
BME merchandising design
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British music experience outdoor campaign
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