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Monogrammed initials can, very occasionally, do all the talking that's needed.

Ellwood Atfield is a recruitment agency that finds and places the people who talk for an organisation, the people responsible for delivering communications which affect reputation, change opinion and influence decisions. The market for recruiters is crowded and, even in the specialism that Ellwood Atfield operates, there are many players who all say very similar things about themselves. Our challenge was to develop brand positioning and a strategy that set our client apart and reflected the spirit of the people within it.

Soon after beginning our research, which begun with interviewing all members of staff along with a selection of clients and candidates, we identified a key issue. The external communications and messaging was aligned to the departmental structure and process and not a customer view. Research confirmed that a client would be interested in getting the right person for the job and would like to be advised on how best to attract them – search, selection or interim deployment.

The development of the brand positioning concentrated on what the customer was looking for in a communications professional and the benefit they expected to get in return. It was also important to ensure in positioning the firm, that what it did was clear and up front. While part of the communications sector, Ellwood Atfield is a recruitment firm. We developed the core positioning message which became not only the tagline but the brand truth beneath all communications.

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