Euromedica is specialist executive search consultancy dedicated to the life science industry. Since 1987, it has found outstanding leaders to fill board, executive committee and senior management positions across the world. The executive search sector is extremely competitive and there are ‘big six’ firms who compete with Euromedica with departmental specialists in life sciences. Our brief was to refresh brand positioning, identity and communications to strengthen the business offer for senior level recruitment and reinforce the strong relationships that they have. They were also about to embark upon an international expansion with America a particularly challenging launch in the planning phase.

The Euromedica brand is well known but we asked questions about the name and it appropriateness to an international business, outside of Europe. We also discussed the ‘medica’ part of the name given that the offer reaches far wider than the medical sector. However, the brand equity outweighed reasons to change and in America, it was felt that the ‘Euro’ message helped establish a back-story and a premium service.

Our strategy played up Euromedica’s dedication to its area of specialisation and how it is bigger than the departments which compete from the bigger search companies. We also emphasised the background of the search consultants many of which, while experienced in recruitment, have also been in the life sciences sector, working in many of the roles that they are now filling for clients.

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