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If you’re in hospitality, it’s never been more important to know what your customers are thinking. Feed It Back does just that and more, wherever you are, night and day.

Our client has developed the only system to combine restaurant and other hospitality establishment guests’ feedback with live EPOS information about their visit: what they bought, what they spent, who served them and more. The information is crucial to decisions about everything from menu development to service improvement and marketing. While there was an internal ‘working title’, we were asked to develop a brand name, messaging, and design an identity as well as several key communications tools including a design for the website.

The benefit of the service is that it is straightforward, immediate and is beneficial to the establishment and the customer. Improved service and meeting customer requirements means a better experience all round and a more efficient, profitable business as a result. Rather than developing an abstract name, we felt it important to look for something that was not only a brand name but also positioned the offer and worked as a call to action. We also recognised that the system would sometimes be working alongside the client organisation’s brand or in some cases rebranded. So again, the name had to work in conjunction with a partner’s identity.

We created an unusually forthright brand name that states exactly what the system asks the customer to do. It also has an upbeat and fun quality to it which benefits the target market which is largely, multiple outlet, family restaurants and eventually other hospitality establishments. The identity and the tools that we designed plays with the iconography that is in common use throughout the industry. It adds colour and interests as well as frames the ideas in conversation bubbles to reflect the overall benefit of the offer to initiate interaction and communication with customers.

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