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Bringing a new set of brand values to life for all employees at Britain’s largest and most influential trade body.

The Freight Transport Association is the UK’s biggest and most effective transport trade body. The transport and logistics industry has an annual turnover of £1 trillion, employs 8 percent of the UK’s entire workforce, and contributes £121 billion to the economy as a whole. With over 350 staff, the FTA works exclusively for its 16,000 members – who together operate the majority of the industry’s road, rail, air and sea transport fleets – by offering a range of services, advice and training to ensure members remain compliant and are represented at the highest levels of government.

Freight transport association fta internal engagement brochure brand values

We were engaged by the FTA to help write, and then communicate, a new set of brand values. We developed four key words; FRESHER, FASTER, BRAVER, SMARTER. In combination, these could work together as a positioning line, giving focus to the FTA’s role as the leading trade body in a modernizing transport industry. They could also be used separately to describe aspects of incremental progress that parts of the organization were achieving.

Freight transport association fta internal engagement campaign brochure
Freight transport association fta corporate brochure brand positioning

The resulting films, literature and displays were used initially to engage staff in the new values, prior to rolling the campaign out to its’ wider membership and prospects.

Freight transport association fta internal engagement brand value launch
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