Good African

Positioning, naming and identity for a new African brand: good business, good products, good coffee.

Ugandan businessman Andrew Rugasira is a strong believer in the need for Africa to create sustainable economic stability based on trade and not aid. To that end he created a coffee trading company that pays a very fair price to local farmers, but forms close working partnerships with their communities to which he gives 50% of the company’s profits in support of projects that improve life, farming and therefore futures.

Thinkfarm was briefed to create a brand to sit competitively on supermarket shelves that represents the aims and mission of the company which blends and distributes excellent product as well as profits. We were asked to develop a brand name, identity, packaging design and collateral such as a brochure, website and other elements.

The packaging was seen as a campaigning opportunity and carried messages about the aims of the brand as well as normal product information alongside the brand identity. The website is transactional and product can be ordered as well as the aims and achievements of the company understood. It is crucial that people can see how the money is invested in the communities and feel part of the mission.

The Good African brand name is at the heart of the proposition and is versatile enough to not only be applied to coffee products, but also to other product areas that the company is likely to move into – such as Good African Tea. The brand projects the two sides of the offer – good product from Africa and something that does good for Africa through supporting trade not just aid.


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