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We’ve branded Bauer’s timeless pop music station from launch. Our most recent campaign showcases Ken Bruce’s arrival in the GHR house, where 'the good times sound like this'.

Greatest Hits Radio operates a national network that stretches across the UK on Digital, FM and AM. GHR offers listeners classic hit music delivered by real, engaging presenters, alongside local news and travel. Advertisers and media planners benefit from more strategic and consolidated campaigning across the UK with a network of local touch points and content.

Our ‘Ken Bruce Is In The House’ campaign introduces Ken to the House of Greatest Hits as he joins the station. In the third campaign we’ve run for GHR, Ken and a host of radio legends (Simon Mayo, Jenny Powell, Jackie Brambles, Kate Thornton, Martin Kemp) act out a series of memorable video scenes from 70s, 80s and 90s hit songs. The TV commercial is supported with a striking, vivid Out-of-Home, print and social media campaign.



Our first TV commercial for the station was shot during the 2020 Lockdown, all of the cast were filmed independently or in actual social/family groups and then ‘brought together again’ as each scene in the Ad progresses.

At launch, Bauer asked us to develop a brand identity, positioning and messaging with a marketing campaign and comprehensive implementation process that worked across print, online and outdoor media. We used a positioning line that summarised the escapist sentiment of timeless pop music – THE GOOD TIMES SOUND LIKE THIS. We created an unashamedly ‘feel good’ animated TV Ad that hovers between ‘now’ and ‘then’ by mixing black & white overlays with colour stills footage and the work of classic 70’s & 80’s rock photographer Mick Rock, placed in 3D animated scenery, to create the look of a period album cover collage.

Our creative response to the launch campaign brief focused on the development of a very flexible, but strongly graphic ‘grid’ system to emphasise the classic pop and disco vibe. As well as featuring this look in the scenery of our campaign material, we used it to create a range of stripped-back, minimalist street posters and outdoor media, bus wraps, animated shorts, banner advertising and social media films for online and social media distribution.


Social media

Short story elements for Social Media, incude 6" and 15" Instagam, Facebook, Verizon and YouTube movies.



Our second instalment in the GHR story progressed the lives of the characters in our opening Ad, scripting a new “episodic” film where the scenes are all fresh, but the faces remain constant. The new film features a young couple from the first outing, now married with a baby – and a father and daughter from the first Ad, now sharing their family flower stall.
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Like what you see?

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Like what you see?