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With a mantra like ‘next generation PR today’, tech sector communications specialist Hotwire couldn’t risk looking corporate or predictable when it launched. Just like its clients, it needed to redefine expectations.

Hotwire is an international PR consultancy. Its headquarters are in London and it has offices, sister agencies and affiliates around the world. Since the agency was launched in 2000 Hotwire’s mantra has been ‘next generation PR today’. It is clear from examining the way that Hotwire does business, that they are extremely professional and businesslike. They deliver PR services responsibly, transparently and accountability is completely built into their business model and processes. While the values of the service are very business oriented, they also have a very particular style, flair and optimism that we felt needed to be strongly reflected in the identity.

After the first two years of successful operation Hotwire’s founders wished to step up one or several gears and grow the agency to the next level in the UK and overseas. They recognised that investing in the brand to help establish clear values and positioning would help strengthen their offer and brief the creation of a new corporate identity that supported their strategy. Thinkfarm provided the framework in which the values of the brand were identified and a ‘tone of voice and personality’ determined for the brand.

The identity system was designed to make a strong and memorable impact. It supports the energy of the team and provides a balance with the central brand positioning of responsibility and accountability – essential qualities to a decision maker. The colours were carefully chosen to be vibrant but not overpowering and the system of ‘dots’ has provided a versatile system that can be used liberally or sparingly to bind together communications in every media from print to office interiors.

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