Never look back, always push upwards. If you’re going to succeed on a bike, it’s the pinnacle. It’s where you make your escape.


Huez designs and makes sports clothing. Its inspiration is drawn from the most amazing places on the planet, and uses the finest materials from Europe, USA and Japan. It delivers performance and style for the competitive road racer, everyday cyclist and for people who just like to have fun on their bikes. We were approached by the two founders at the point where they has a business plan, committed to building a business and needed to develop a brand name, messaging and an identity.

Our start point was to look at the reasons why the founders themselves were so convinced of the market need for their particular line of clothing and who they were aiming to engage with. We then looked at the reference points for them and their audiences in order to identify words, language and visual references that would support the proposition. The competitive nature of the people that they were targeting was an important focal point. Even if the people are not competing in cycling events, they are typically style conscious, urban professionals who are ambitious, competitive in life and are keen to push themselves to find their limits, at work and in play.

One of the biggest, best known natural challenges in cycling is the Alpe d’Huez – a mythical, iconic and savage cycling test for all those who have had the chance to experience it. The mountain represents so many things that underline the brand. Augendre named it as the “col of modernity” and this is represented in the way the Huez brand and clothes have been developed in a modern and progressive fashion, never looking back, always pushing upwards.

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