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Lexis Nexis needed a succinct, functional, intelligent naming structure to move the most comprehensive legal library in the UK online

LexisNexis offers the most comprehensive legal library in the UK containing an unrivalled collection of case law, expert commentary, and primary and secondary legislation as it is amended. With a suite of online products, it has led the market in the provision of information to the legal sector for a long time but is increasingly facing challenges from smaller, niche players.

Having developed a large and diverse range of online information products and productivity tools, LexisNexis’s offer to the market had become complex. Thinkfarm was asked to look at the product range and in particular new developments due to be launched and create brand positioning, a communications strategy and nomenclature for the suite. We spent a considerable amount of time looking at the product range, functionality and architecture of the product range. We then conducted interviews with internal sales, marketing and support staff as well as lawyers in the target market. We discovered that there was confusion not only in the marketplace but also found that sales staff found it difficult to communicate the proposition. That confusion was impacting on sales and making it difficult to elevate conversations to senior levels where the complexity and technical nature of the pitch was a major obstacle.

During our interviews with lawyers we discovered that terminology that had been used in the profession to describe knowledge workers and information resources were useful shorthand to describe the functionality of each product. For example, the new product that gives interpretation of legislation, precedent and law to a lawyer who is building a case is known as a professional support lawyer or PSL. It was said by one lawyer we interviewed that a good PSL is worth his or her weight in gold – as they mean they can mean that advice is accurate and billable time is increased while the research is taken care of. The product name, LexisPSL completely summarized the functionality of the newly developed product.

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