Logica CMG

Customer-centric naming, brand hierarchy, messaging and comminications strategy for Logica's telecoms division.

Prior to a trade sale, LogicaCMG Telecoms was a specialist consultancy and supplier to mobile network operators and other related organizations involved in communications and content dissemination. A large proportion of the world’s text messaging and video texts are transmitted using its software platforms. The various departments that made up LogicaCMG Telecoms had developed a large array of products that sometimes had relationships with one another but were not obviously linked by name or consistently described as part of the company’s overall offer to its marketplace.

Thinkfarm was instructed to reach an understanding of the portfolio and develop a naming structure for what existed and new products developed in the future. On hearing the description of the various business propositions and products, it became evident that we needed to step back a little and look at the overall description of the company, its offers and the benefits delivered. In short, Thinkfarm reassessed LogicaCMG’s messages and communications strategy from a customer viewpoint. We developed multi-level descriptors for the business – from ‘elevator descriptions’ to detailed product naming guidelines. The work was  instrumental in reviewing the way that the business was organised as well – leading to a restructuring of the departments in line with the principal propositions to its key markets. A short while after the project, the Telecoms group was sold and now operates as an independent.

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