Legal contracts must be carefully crafted and in business every day matters. We helped a new type of law firm go to market.

Mattersmith is a regulated legal practice committed to improving the productivity of legal processes with the help of technology. They take the load off clients’ everyday matters so they can concentrate on their big and strategic issues. We created their name, positioning, messaging and brand identity to help them launch the business and watched it grow quickly as it struck a chord with its target audiences.

After two years of developing their technology and growing the practice, the team at Mattersmith asked us to review their messaging and develop a campaign to engage their audiences in their latest thinking and differentiate them from other firms nibbling at their heels. We wrote and designed a campaign built around strong promises on which Mattersmith can deliver. It is confident, direct and clearly states benefits that clients can expect.

We designed, built and launched a new website and gave the brand a fresh graphic identity system that sets it apart from others who feature ubiquitous library photographs.

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