New Bermondsey

When developer Renewal told us about their scheme for breathing new life into an area of South London, we were inspired and helped them inspire others.

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The New Bermondsey project began 10 years ago when our client, regeneration specialists Renewal, acquired their first piece of land on the 30-acre site. Since then Renewal has worked closely with Lewisham Council and the Mayor of London to create a ground-breaking neighbourhood for inner London. The project will include housing, community facilities, a new railway station and the construction of the largest public sports facility to be built in London since Crystal Palace.

new bermondsey logo design brand identity brand naming messaging

Thinkfarm was tasked with brand naming and messaging under which the facility would be communicated to a very wide range of stakeholders from local authorities to the general public. The new community needed a brand name and messaging structure to deliver the reasons people should be involved and a brand identity to be applied to signage, spaces, communications tools and the website.

We were excited by the ambition of the project and impressed with the way that the intent was proved along the way. The area will benefit from refreshment in many ways and in order to look forward we researched into the history of the area which revealed that a large part of it was formerly within the boundaries of Bermondsey, London. We then set about creating a structure of brand messaging around the concept of renewal (the company name as well as their mission) and how the community will support ‘new’ ways of life to residents and visitors.

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The name of New Bermondsey, logo, a brand identity system and messaging that centres on the new benefits on offer provides a framework and positioning in which to describe the wide range of opportunities and facilities. We then designed and produced print, digital and physical communications pieces to support the phased release of information leading up to the official launch of New Bermondsey and beyond as the development gathers pace. \

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