The interests of the UK’s commercial radio stations are represented by a body at the heart of the industry. A new identity gave Radiocentre more soul.

Radiocentre gives UK commercial radio a voice, working with government, policy makers and regulators as well as providing a forum for industry-wide debate and discussion. Having previously presented itself to its members and audiences as three brands (Radio Centre, the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre and the Radio Advertising Bureau), it was thought by the team that we should review and recommend a way forward that could be combined within a singular brand strategy with updated and inclusive positioning. As a result of the review, it was agreed that new brand naming and an identity would be required.

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Having spent time meeting the management and marketing teams, we felt that a strategy to combine the brands into one would make more sense and consolidate their communications efforts to get more attention and efficiency. We took part in a variety of workshops and meetings with stakeholders and prepared a final recommendation for the CEO to present for approval to the board. After exploring several short listed alternatives, the decision was made to consolidate the divisions under one Radiocentre.

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We then set about developing stronger, contemporary brand positioning and a fresh identity system that would facilitate the design and production of communications tools like their website, stationery, publication formats and other elements to be launched at the Radiocentre’s annual gathering and awards ceremony. The positioning statement or tag line is a three part descriptor of the benefits the organisation delivers and also works on an emotional level to reflect the straightforwardness of the business and its tone of voice; Sound, commercial, sense.
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