Positioning, messaging and identity for international public relations firm specialising in the heavy construction industries.

SE10 specializes in public relations for international industrial, business-to-business clients, with offices in London and the United States and a solid understanding of messaging for an international corporate audience. The team had successfully built long term relationships with major international clients establishing a solid base on which to build the business to the next level. A new website with new messaging was required and at the completion of the brand positioning phase, we agreed that a new identity would be a helpful addition to the brief.

We felt that the existing positioning of the brand was too broad and the messaging ambiguous. We were keen to refine the offer in two ways. Firstly, stating that SE10 are in the PR business and secondly emphasising its strong knowledge and experience in industrial sectors of the market. We also thought that the identity needed to be more closely related to the brand story. We identified the key attributes of SE10 and developed positioning and brand values that surround the core proposition. We developed a tagline that summarised the core value perfectly – Industrial strength PR. That central theme informed Thinkfarm’s design of the identity, collateral and the most urgent communications tool, the web site.

The identity is closely related to the positioning and the tagline, reflecting the industrial strength of the offer and the brand. Colour palette, typefaces, graphic shapes, photography – all help to underline the robustness and reliability of SE10’s service.
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