Sense & Sensuality

Positioning and identity for a new brand providing advice, guidance and products to help people improve their sensual and sexual wellbeing.

Thinkfarm helped define this new brand from inception so that when Sense and Sensuality launched it started telling its story from the first glance of the identity. Entrepreneur Charles Hayes presented one of the most thorough presentations of a business idea that we had seen in a long time. He had identifed a gap in the market for a business that focused on providing advice, guidance and products to help people, mainly women, to improve their sensual and sexual wellbeing that wasn’t intimidating or inaccessible.

In developing the name, we looked for something that would express the balance of advice and benefi t that make up the customer proposition and arrived at Sense & Sensuality, and its short form logo – S&S. The logo reflects the intertwining of the ideas and close relationships between partners and was inspired by the typographer Eric Gill who was also a well-known eroticist.

We named a complete set of S&S products and designed the packaging that contains the range of oils, lotions and other products to be sold through the web site and other physical outlets. The design and colour palette chosen supports the luxury and quality of the products and the copywriting reinforces the brand positioning, giving guidance and customers ‘permission’ to explore their sensuality.

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