Simplify The Law

As the legal industry deregulates, high street brands can now to offer legal services in much the same way as the ophthalmology did some some years ago. Simplify the Law is a campaigning service, operated by Evident Legal, offering solicitors support in many areas including business development and productivity improvement through shared services. Evident asked us to create a brand that would resonate with small to medium sized law firms and attract them to become part of the Simplify the Law network. The brand needed to also work alongside law firms’ existing practice names and add to their offer – as opposed to overshadow it.

We created the name, which works as a campaigning call to action and as a principle to which the member firms can subscribe and demonstrate when using the processes and services provided by Evident Legal. We also developed a messaging hierarchy that expands upon the idea and quickly establishes the benefits that are on offer.

The identity system is distinctive, works well alongside partners’ naming or branding, and visually supports the messaging. Responses to the branding were positive in the market and helped Evident initiate and deliver conversations with clients but also supported their expansion into new lines of business and the securing of funding.

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