Every emergency service should be equipping their teams with this game-changing, high-powered acoustic communications tool, but it really needed a clear name.

Thinkfarm was briefed to develop a brand strategy, position and rebrand the device, design a brand identity system, website and marketing communication tools. The objective was to accelerate sales and make it easier to open doors and sell.

In the brand research phase we interviewed the distributors who had been taking the product to market in their respective international territories and discovered several opportunities to improve the branding. The first, a more meaningful name which would be a better start to the brand story and perform better in online searches than the previous name of A-Wasp. We also identified the need to bring forward the key benefits that the product delivers to its users, regardless of the emergency service in which they operate.

The brand naming delivered a short list of options and  recommendation which we tested with the distributors. The majority was strongly in favour of Superhailer as it described the product and inferred its high performance capability. The descriptor simply and straightforwardly presents the benefits of using the product. Accurate, loud, safe & clear.

We then designed the logo, identity system, website and sales collateral, including a video that explained the Superhailer, showed it in use and captured the reactions of people to whom it was demonstrated.

Launch video

We created a simple, direct launch video with Matt, the inventor of this lifesaving tool, and his colleagues.
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