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Repositioning a ‘white elephant’ as The O2 and promoting it a world-class entertainment venue was a challenge of mammoth proportions.

In partnering with O2, Anschutz Entertainment Group created the UK’s first, most exciting and technically advanced music, sport and entertainment destination. Thinkfarm provided AEG with brand support, help with naming and communications design, aiding sponsor negotiations at the point of inception, creating marketing campaign for launch, regularly promoting current events and helping to build a long-term brand strategy for the venue that London had needed for years.

the o2 co promotion strategy sponsorship support

AEG is one of the leading providers of live entertainment and sporting events in the world. It owns and operates some of the world’s greatest arenas and theatres as well as a collection of companies dedicated to producing, promoting and presenting world-class live entertainment. In developing The O2 AEG has created the UK’s most exciting and technically advanced music, sport and entertainment destination.

From art directing photography to writing key brand messaging copy to creating a wide range of advertising for print and on line media campaigns, Thinkfarm drew on its deep experience of the music and entertainment industry. It was important to respect the needs of the major sponsors in terms of brand integrity while at the same time ensuring that the entertainment offer wasn’t overshadowed by corporate style.

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the o2 venue branding signage posters

Thinkfarm helped define the brand and venue naming for The O2 in conjunction with the main sponsors. Within the brand implementation plan, we went on to produce communications to help AEG sell further sponsorship, facilities and developed other tools and marketing campaigns to help inform the local community about their plans. We created messaging advertising, signage and installation templates to promote the shows and facilities on offer.

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