In a move away from gaming into other sectors Ukash needed to review the core brand positioning and messaging. We were also asked to review the brand identity and develop campaigns for a variety of new ‘products’.

Global online cash payment provider enabled consumers around the world to use cash to shop, pay and play online safely, securely and conveniently. This secure payment method was developed to protect personal identity and financial information when making online transactions, reducing the threat of credit and debit card fraud for consumers and repudiations and charge-backs for retailers.

We proposed a shift from a product based proposition to one where Ukash is the only product with a variety of highly attractive services such as money transfer, online shopping and the control of budgets and spending. We also created an evolutionary improvement to the brand and directed supporting photography to provide a library of images in support of its multi-ethnic audience.

The logo was redrawn and recoloured to make it less tabloid-like in appearance, reduce the emphasis of UK in the name and give it forward momentum. A set of graphic devices and colour coding also supported single word service descriptions which are an important route in explaining how you can ‘Use your cash online’. A photo library was shot to support the redesign of the website, on screen displays and advertisement which Thinkfarm have created. We also designed exhibition stands, HTML emails and act as brand guardians.

A simpler and more straightforward offer was written and included in the core identity / highest level messaging. ‘Use your cash online’ replaced ‘It’s e-money’ modernising the terminology, making it a call to action and saying exactly what the benefit is at the heart of the brand. We also developed a ‘mantra’ to focus the staff on what Ukash is really out to do across their business. ‘Let’s get the cash economy online’ encapsulates the belief that people who prefer or have to use cash should miss out on the benefits of shopping and paying for services online.


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