Virgin Radio

Our relationship with Virgin Radio began with the creation of the original brand identity in 1993. We created and produced positioning campaigns, advertising and communications tools for consumer and trade marketing, interior dresign of the station's offices, merchandise and packaging.

We worked on many sub-branding promotions, including the battle for listeners at breakfast time, which is a big deal for every radio station. When Virgin completed a great strategic move when they recruited Sony Radio Academy award winning DJ Christian O’Connell. Thinkfarm’s job was to make sure as many people knew about it as possible.

The final campaign developed for Virgin was a new positioning strategy – ‘THE MUSIC WE ALL LOVE’ – based on the emotional connections that people make through music. Driven by an above-the-line consumer campaign in TV and print, the positioning also underpinned a trade sales strategy – offering brands the opportunity to connect with Virgin’s national audience.

The station still communicates internationally with its listening audience and trade partners across a vast range of media platforms. print, web, live events, TV, outdoor ads and, of course, radio. We created an extensive ‘brand book’ describing its brand positioning with detailed guidelines on how the brand identity should be implemented. This ensures the station presents a consistent image and set of messages to its markets, regardless of who is producing the communications pieces.

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