Visit London

Branding design for 24-hour hotel TV channel aimed at London's tourist visitors.

Visit London’s 24-hour TV channel London TV delivered news and features about activities and attractions around London to help people plan their visits and to ensure awareness of the diversity available in the capital. From West End shows to fringe theatre productions, live bands to new movie releases, museums to clubs, comedy nights to sports – if it’s going on in the capital, visitors could also check out clips online to discover a wealth of inspirational ideas from restaurants to flower markets, traditional barbers to amphibious tours.

To reach people in hotels, through satellite TV the internet, the channel required an identity to work across all media including the crucial elements required by the TV production company. In order to ensure that the identity served the brand idea and its audiences understood its offer as quickly as possible, Thinkfarm led a brand mapping exercise involving key stakeholders. We then went on to provide consulting and creative direction through the creation of on air idents, stings, set graphics and other instances leading up to the launch of the station.

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